Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas In South Africa

Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

The couple starts planning their wedding celebrations as well as looking forward to their partnership right from the day of engagement. The photography session on the occasion of the engagement enables them to establish a rapport with the photographer and also to get a lot of ideas for dressing, posing and other aspects related to photography. The photo shoot session on the engagement day will be of maximum excitement for the couple. Nowadays, the brides and grooms prefer to have their engagement day photos taken in a similar manner to that of the wedding day. Most of the brides expect the photographer to be ready during their trials of dresses as well as make-up. Such a photo shoot session will enable them to see how they appear in different make-up styles.

Up to the bride and the groom

The couple who celebrate their engagement in Cape Town normally discuss with the photographer, the location for the photo shoot session. A crowded place like the Llunduno Beach on a Saturday evening is not an ideal venue for a photo shoot. Though the beach is very beautiful and a sunset photo session there is a great idea, it will not be a smooth affair after getting through the crowd and struggling for parking. Both the bride and groom may sit together with the photographer and select an ideal location where they can have the entire location to themselves. Moving from location to location may not be convenient since it may take few more hours to complete the session. Both the bride and groom should be fully satisfied with the location for the engagement photo shoot session.

Ideal locations in Cape Town

Many professional photographers in Cape Town recommend the V & A Waterfront where one can experience a perfect blend of cosmopolitan and the typical South African atmosphere with the high-end retail shops on one side and the street vendors and the mountains on the other side. Those who will like to have the engagement photo session with vineyards and olive groves in the background may opt for Riebeeck Kasteel where they can reach in an hour from Cape Town. Taal Monument is the exciting photo shoot location for those who are particular of an architectural background. In case the couple craves for adventure right from the day of engagement, they may have a one hour drive from Cape Town and reach Atlantis. The dunes make the stunning backdrop for the session.

There is no one stop fits all solution for an engagement shoot spot in Cape Town with the various vineyards, forests, beaches and monuments. The couple may first decide the type of location they prefer for the shoot and they can select the location from the many options.