Getting a Deal on a Photoshoot

Getting a Deal for a Photoshoot

Whether it is for a wedding or any other special occasion or event, the photographer is called to create lasting memories of the day. The photographer must be able to capture the important moments on film exactly on time with perfection. When you want to finalize a deal for a family photo shoot at a selected location the photo shoot session must be for a minimum of one hour and the photographer must have the skill to capture lasting memories with the family and should ensure the best quality photography. As per the deal the photographer should develop and edit 30 images but the DVD should contain all the images. The client can order for optional prints and canvasses by paying extra as applicable. For the 60-minute shoot the photographer should cover 8 – 10 people.

Mobile studio photo shoots

Many modern studios in Pretoria and Johannesburg which are well equipped provide a fully equipped studio in the comfort of one’s home for a photo shoot session. The mobile studio set up is very compact and requires only very little space and in the case of a townhouse the lounge is sufficient to set up the studio. The mobile studio set up will cover up to six people and for a family photo shoot session of 60 minutes will not cost above R700. Hence, those who need a family photo shoot session in their home should finalize the deal accordingly. The photographer should assure to provide 60 high resolution images on the CD.

In case the mobile photo studio at home is for a maternity photo shoot set up the photographer should not quote more than R600 for the one hour shoot session. In this case also the photographer must provide 60 high resolution images on CD.

Studio Shoot Packages

When the client asks for a photo shoot session of an hour duration in the studio the client should negotiate and get the best price for the session. The deal should also specify the number of shoots and number of prints, number of edited images and size of the prints. For extra prints, the photographer can charge the price mentioned in the deal. The client can order an enlargement of any standard size including canvas prints. The make-up artist can be booked for a mutually agreed rate per person and he/she can book a professional hair stylist also after finalizing the rate.

Those who want to finalize photo shoot deals for a single person who needs his/her photographs for company annual reports, newsletters, business cards, pamphlets, brochures or websites should fix the deal for minimum three edited photographs which are to be emailed to the client for no extra charges. The client can order an enlargement to any standard size.