Guide to Finding an Affordable Photographer 

Guide to Finding an Affordable Photographer 

Whether it is for a wedding or for any other occasion, photography isn’t avoidable and the service of a professional photographer is quite essential. The main problem is that the photography will eat away a considerable portion of the budget and many people consider the photography expenses as a major barrier while preparing the budget for a wedding. However, it is everyone’s wish to have a set of amazing photographs of the most remarkable day in their life. Hence there cannot be a substitute for the professional photographer. But, one can very well control the photography expenses and utilize the amount to pay for other items that are necessary for a wedding. Without sacrificing the quality of photography one can make the photography affordable by finding the right photographer.

Here are a few tips to find an affordable photographer:

Choose the ideal package

While selecting the package one must see how many hours of coverage is offered in the package. In case the bride and groom expect the photographer to be at the venue for the full day, they can opt for a package with fixed hours and then pay for the extra coverage.

Select the smaller package

The photographers will be offering a variety of packages. The difference in price indicates difference in number of shoots and not in quality. By going for the smaller package one can trim the photography expenses without compromising on its quality.

Always select a local photographer

Those who have decided to conduct the wedding in Johannesburg may see to it that the photographer is also from the same part of Johannesburg. If they call the photographer from a faraway place they have to pay for his travel as well as accommodation.

Negotiate with the photographer

By way of negotiating with the photographer one will be able get either a special rate or a few extra deals. One can also ask for more number of shoots for the same amount or extra printed photos.

Ask for another photographer and insist on a single photographer

If the bride and groom find that the rate quoted by the photographer is too high for them they may request the same photographer to suggest another photographer who will provide the service well within the budget limits of the bride and groom. Also, they can insist for only one photographer for the entire session. By avoiding the second and third photographer they can save about 20% of the total fee.

Gather information from friends and relatives

The bride and groom may discuss with their friends or relatives who got married recently. They will be in a position to suggest the right photographer for the budget of the bride and groom.