How to Maximise Instagram for Your Photography Brand

How to Maximise Instagram for Your Photography Brand

The more a photographer publishes on Instagram the more he can improve his brand awareness. Instagram is the online venue where there are thousands of potential clients and business promoters who are waiting for fresh talent and newly developed skills. Instagram enables the photographer to build up a community of those who are enthusiastic of his photography and through that forum the professional photographer can get regular feedback on his photographic creations and for him it will be a source of inspiration, support and guidance. There are tens of thousands of Instagram photographers and consequently there is tough competition among them. The photographer will find the following tips very useful to him to have maximum followers and more comments from Instagram.

Be constant and stay consistent

Images will have the effect throughout the week unlike emails and tweets. Hence the photographer must be ready to deliver new images at any time, on all days. Also, the photographer should be consistent with regards to his publication. He must follow a pattern for his posting on Instagram. Even if his creations are of different genres his followers must be able to recognize immediately his photography style.

Ensure that a description or caption is provided every time

Whenever the photographer posts an image on Instagram he must provide a short description or caption that provides the community members useful and interesting information. The description may include the location of the shoot, the people who were associated and the situation or purpose that made him shoot that picture. Also, the photographer can tag all those who are involved in the particular photo. This will certainly increase his brand awareness of people who will see, like and comment on the picture.

Ensure the quality of the images

The photographer always tries to promote his brand as well as photography for which it is very essential to post images of exceptional quality. On a popular visual venue like Instagram one can have more followers only by providing the best quality content to share. The images that are posted on Instagram should be of the best quality and the images must be relevant also.

Ensure quantity also

Though the followers will not welcome images of poor quality, the photographer should post a sufficient number of images so that the followers will remember him/her and will expect they are posting eagerly. By way of posting minimum 3 – 6 quality images a day the photographer can manage to increase the number of followers.

Take advantage of the power of hashtags

The random user of Instagram is more unlikely to take note of the image posted by the photographer since thousands of images are posted on the platform every minute. The hashtags will help the photographer to attract more people interested in their work. The visitors who are in search of new and upcoming artists will search a hashtag for the best content of their choice.


With more than 500 million active users, Instagram is today one amongst the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The rapid growth of traffic on Instagram has made many internet businesses start marketing their products through Instagram. Instagram is indeed the ideal platform for all professional photographers to promote their photography.