Photoshoot Prices and Packages

Photoshoot Prices and Packages

The photographers in Johannesburg and Pretoria offer tailor-made packages to the clients according to their needs. While they provide only the estimated prices on the website, to the clients who request for a quote they inform the accurate prices. For basic studio headshots, the price starts from R500 in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng. For the portraits on locations, the price starts from R1500. The rates vary for corporate portraits, actors and entertainers, models, business headshots and musicians. In cases of product photography and food photography the rates are on hourly basis. For photo shoots of food and other products for advertisement purpose the photographers in Johannesburg and Pretoria offer tailored packages. The photographers will coordinate with the advertising agencies and they undertake freelance shoots also. On request from clients, they offer photographer and videographer combo packages also. The rates quoted are inclusive of backgrounds provided and all equipments.

Wedding packages

For private events at outside locations they charge R350 per hour and for corporate events the rate will be R450 per hour. The studio rates are R900 and R1200 respectively. The rates are exclusive of vat and travel expenses and these rates are applicable all over Pretoria, Johannesburg and Gauteng. For videography the charges are R550 for private events and R750 for corporate events. In Cape Town and Johannesburg, the basic wedding package is offered for R16500.00. The actual photography under this package will be for 8 hours and additional 3 hours are provided to consult. Video filming will be for 4 hours and there will be maximum 80 special edits for wedding books. Charges will be extra for all add on services. These prices are also exclusive of vat and travel expenses. January to April and October to December are the peak wedding seasons in Cape Town and for the weddings during these seasons the photographers are to be booked a year advance.

Newborn photo shoots

The Newborn photo shoots will be made within 15 days of the child’s birth. This session will be for 2 – 3 hours including the parents as well as siblings. For older kids and shorter durations the rates are less. The Newborn photo shoots are done either at selected locations or at home. The travel expenses will be extra and make-up artist will be provided on request for an extra fee of R350 per face. For birthday parties and other special occasions the photographer in Cape Town offers special packages.

Flexible approach

For all orders from schools that conform to minimum order criteria, photographers in Pretoria and Johannesburg offer 20% cash discount also. Special packages are offered for nursery and crèche photo shoots. Because of the competition in the market, the photographers are flexible and are ready for discussion and negotiation.

Not Necessarily

All the prices mentioned here were a basis when looking for a budget solution to your photography needs and requirements. Prices for photographers truly does vary dependent on the location and skill set of the photographer. Often you may find in certain areas of South Africa the prices could be up to 2000 per hour and in these instances you will usually need to book well in advance due to their popularity.