Should You Give Away Free Shoots as a Photographer?

Should You Give Away Free Shoots as a Photographer?

Just as in the case of any other business, in photography the photographer wants to attract more clients and make more money. Hence, there is nothing wrong in providing special offers or discounts to the clients so that the photographer can gain more business from them and also they will recommend him/her to their friends and relatives. However, each photographer has his own limitations. Hence, it is important to get a balance in such a field of work.

Shoot a charity event free of charge

For a professional photographer in South Africa who needs to earn a reputation among the local communities, participating in a charity program is a good idea. Normally, those who organize as well as involve in charitable activities are financially strong and many amongst them can be the photographer’s potential clients. They will also think that by giving business to the photographer they can get his support for the charity program in the future as well. Also, by way of offering free photography for charity events, the photographer can gain more experience in shooting big events and also he/she gets a wide advertisement of their service free of charge.

Offer free family photo shoots for neighbors and your own family

A healthy relationship with neighbors can be beneficial in promoting your business as well. The photographer can establish cordial relationships with his neighbors just by shooting their family photos for free for their holiday cards. Subsequently, the neighbors will invite him for the weddings, get-together functions and other special occasions and also they will specifically ask him to go with his camera so as to shoot a few snaps. In this way, the photographer can get a lot of new business and also he can gain more popularity.

Offer free shoots for a school function

The parents will be proud to see their kids giving a performance in the school or receiving a prize during a function at school. They will be excited when they receive a photograph of their child making them proud. All those parents will remember the photographer and offer him a lot of business opportunities. The school management also may want to hire your service to shoot the major events of the school.


By way of offering your creativity for free in a few occasions, photographers can promote their business in a great way. As a result of providing a few free shoots, your business prospects will exceed your expectations. When you create a few free photographs, in fact you will be creating a lot of business for your future. Free shoots enable you as a  photographer to gain more new clients without spending money for costly advertisements.